Website and Email Name Server Configuration

Your IP Address for each domain can be configured in your Netistrar Administration Control Panel (e.g. for Enwau customers)

Click on the Domains menu item to locate your domain and then click on domain name to configure.  Scroll to the Name Servers section of the domain configuration panel, and click to edit the name servers.


Note there are two type of name server configuration options (Standard and Self Referencing options).

Standard Name Server Configuration

This is the most typical nameserver configuration option, where the name servers are based upon any domain name other the domain name being configured. E.g.

Self Referencing Configuration

Use this option when your name servers are configured using the same domain name as the domain name being configured.  E.g. domain name:, name server  Self Referencing name servers require an IPV4 or IPV6 IP Address ( to resolve the domain names to your hosting provider.

Below, are some helpful links to configure your nameservers for a selection of website hosting providers.



Provider Help
Weebly (alternative name servers section)
Wix (requires a signed up account)
Google Blogger requires CNAME configuration* – set your name servers to those of your DNS provider
Google Sites requires CNAME configuration*
Digital Ocean
Linode (section Setting Domain Names to Use Linode’s Name Servers)
Amazon EC2 CNAME configuration*

*  Please note: currently ‘A’ Records and CNAME records (  are under development (due in the first quarter of 2015).  Configurations requiring A record or CNAME configuration can be fulfilled by using a third party DNS provider such as DNS Made Easy or Route53.

Mail servers configuration

All third party mail server configurations, such as Google Gmail, Yahoo and Zoho etc. currently require mail name server (MX) configurations using a third party DNS provider such as DNS Made Easy, Route 53, etc.  Simply set your name server records in your domain name control panel (see above) to point to your DNS provider and follow their instructions to configure your MX record to point to your email provider.

Netistrar will be announcing services for easy mail server configuration within the domain name control panel early in 2015.