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Your domain is critical for people to access your public information

Domain name services for Healthcare Providers

Your domain names are a critical part of your communication infrastructure. You need to have your domain names managed by an ICANN Accredited Registrar based in the UK.

At Netistrar, we recognise that until recently, the public sector had very little choice but to purchase domain names abroad. Netistrar are a fully accredited UK based organisation, and licensed to sell specialist health sector domain names. We can assist with transferring your domain names back to UK management, and help with new Generic Top Level domain name acquisition, such as .CARE, .CLINIC, .DENTAL, .FITNESS, .HEALTHCARE, .SURGERY, etc.

Top 5 features for Healthcare Providers

  • UK management and jurisdiction
  • Expert domain name consultancy services
  • Bulk transactions
  • Internet Governance Training & Advice
  • Security advice

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*Provided by Oxford Information Labs (a Netistrar Accredited Partner)

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