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Discover the Features

An overview of the general features of the ENWAU Domain Name, Email and Website Management System.

Hundreds of features

The list keeps growing, and here's some of the highlights.
ENWAU Dashboard Manage Domain Names in Bulk
For managers
Edit domain name records in bulk

Select domain names by status, owner, top-level domain, tag and more. You can perform buik operations on domains selected.

You can also apply contact templates to one or more domain names to easily update registration details.

ENWAU Dashboard Manage Domain from Single Dashboard
For all customers
Manage domains from a summary screen

Manage all aspects of a domain from a properties summary screen.

Easily setup viewing permissions for publich WHOIS information, security settings, auto-renewal settings and more.

Top features

High security, Welsh focused, and tools for professionals.

Locks and security

Security comes first

Domain name ownership rights and internet assets must be protected. ENWAU implements 'security first' technological design.


.WALES specialists

We are focused on providing the best value for Welsh customers and businesses. We are a Top supplier for .WALES and .CYMRU domains.

Cog and domain icon

Easy management

Use our powerful all-in-one control panel to manage all of your internet assets with 100's of features.

Manage your own internet resources.

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