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Sign up to use a Welsh Specialist Domain Name Registrar for your Domain Names, Email and Website.

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Daffodils and Rugby Players in Wales
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100's of Domain Endings

We support the new .WALES and .CYMRU domain names as well as all the popular domain names, .COM, .NET, .UK etc.

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Professional email

Google Gmail + G Suite with your own professional email address at discounted prices.

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Use our powerful all-in-one control panel to manage your domains, email accounts and DNS records.

A Top .WALES Domain Name provider in the UK

Our official Domain Name Registrar, Netistrar Limited, is one of a few ICANN Accredited Registrars in the UK. Netistrar has years of Domain Name management skills, and its key staff have worked with major Domain Registries.

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Official figures from https://ntldstats.com/tld/wales, accessed March 2019.

Start by searching for a .WALES and .CYMRU Domain

Enter a search term ending with .wales or .cymru. If your preferred domain is not available we will generate alternatives.


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ENWAU is a trading brand of Netistrar, and accredited Registrar licensed to sell domain names by all major authorities.

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