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Dashboard Overview

Domain Name Management
ENWAU business dashboard
Security & Privacy
Reporting & Management
Control Security and Privacy
Security comes first. Tools to help you maximise security with least inconvenience.
ENWAU security and privacy settings
ENWAU privacy icon
Privacy settings

Adjust the visibility of your information on public WHOIS services.

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Auto-renew settings

Protect your domain name, website, and email from falling out of registration.

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Domain security

Protect your domain name from getting transferred or deleted inadvertently by others.

Administration & Reports
Review summary information about your assets, pending renewals, expiries, and produce snapshot reports.
ENWAU reporting and management tools
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Review orders

Review back orders filtered by date. Drill down to each order line and download CVS reports.

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Perform bulk operations

Amend registration information in bulk, e.g. amend contact information for multiple domain names. Apply pre-configured templates to maintain consistent records.

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Tag your assets

Group your assets using your own tagging/naming system, and review reports by tag.

Manage your Domain Names
A single place to manage your domain name portfolio. Perform all the administration and technical functions required to manage each domain name.
ENWAU domain name management panel
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Manage DNS records

Domain Name System (DNS) records tend to be complicated to manage. We help to simplify the process, with more advanced options for experts and professional users.

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Connect websites

Use our simple wizards to connect domain names to website hosting providers. Purchase websites and hosting plans from the domain name manager and launch a website in minutes.

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Connect to email services

Use your domain name as an email address. Purchase email services from your dashboard.

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