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Domain Name Security

From Dashboard > Domains > YOURDOMAIN.COM > Domain Security

In this section you can access your domain name security settings to unlock a domain name and gain access to its transfer auth-code.

Note, carefully managing the auth-code is one of our 10 Tips to Improve Website Security. Once an unlock authorisation code has been generated for a domain name, the owner of that auth-code essentially owns your domain name.

We strongly advise that you strictly control access to domain name auth-codes, and that you keep domain names ‘locked’ at all times.

Once a domain name has been transferred out of the ENWAU system there is very little we can to do help you manage a domain name or its connected services.

Note, in certain circumstances your domain will be locked automatically in accordance with ICANN rules. For examples, domains must be locked for a period of 60 days following transfer, or changes to ownership information.

ENWAU Dashboard domain security settings


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