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2 Factor Authentication

ENWAU supports 2-Factor authentication for additional security. We strongly advise customers to enable 2-Factor authentication on their account particularly where they are managing assets and domains on behalf of others, e.g. Resellers, Professionals and Developers.

Currently ENWAU supports the following 2-Factor technology.

Google Authenticator

There are plenty of help articles, tutorials and blogs about to help you install Google Authenticator on your device. Here are the links for the apps for Android and iPhone/iPad.

Google Authenticator on Google Play.

Google Authenticator on iPhone and iPad.

To enable 2 Factor Authentication on your account

From Dashboard > My Account > Security

Having setup your app following the instruction (above). Click on the button to enable 2FA and follow the instructions (ie. scan the QR Code and keep a backup of the Two Factor backup code ).

ENWAU Dashboard 2-factor authorisation example

To test the system, logout and then login. Having entered your username/email and password you will be prompted to enter your 2 Factor code using your device.


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