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Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

Don’t worry, common problem. Please follow the steps in our help docs for login issues.

What should I do if I’ve forgotten my email/username?

Don’t worry, common problem. Please follow the steps in our help docs for login issues.

How do I take over an account when the previous owner has left?

The process of having an accounts ownership transferred to you is both simple and secure. For information as to how it’s achieved, look at our help docs for taking over an existing account.

How do I improve website security?

Please review our blog article 10 Tips to Improve Website Security, and our help articles about Domain Name Security and Domain Name Auto-renewal settings.

What are glue records?

Glue records are essentially DNS records that resolve circular dependendies - where a nameserver is also a subdomain of it’s own parent domain name (e.g. ns1.netistrar.com is a subdomain of netistrar.com). See this more in-depth help article about understanding glue records and how to set up glue records where you need them.

What is a .UK reserved domain name?

At 08:00hrs on 10 June 2014 the .UK manager Nominet launched the domain name .uk into the UK domain family. Following their advice, if you are an existing customer and own a unique .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .net.uk, .plc.uk or .ltd.uk, a .uk domain name may already have been reserved especially for you until 25 June 2019.

ENWAU enables you to register .UK domain names if you are the rights holder for a matching domain name. Essentially, if you already own something.co.uk (and did so so prior to 10 June 2014) you will probably qualify as a rights holder for the .uk domain name.


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